Thursday, May 5, 2011

Batangas Beach Resorts Disclaimer

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  1. Dear Sir
    i,m Hong Kong Dive Shop Packages 26-30 Nov 2011.
    1. do you have FOC for rooms only? Do you have FOC for diving?
    2. does your resort provide transfer from Manila Airport to your Resort?
    3. kinds of rooms you provide and their rates, standard & deluxe?
    4. how much would you charge for 6 dives in 5 days 4 nights?
    5. how much would you charge for 8 dives in 5 days 4 nights?
    6. how much for extra dive?
    7. how much for night dive?
    8. any other special offer?
    9. if you quote me in package, can you possible quote me a package with room & transfer only and another package with room, transfer & diving please?
    Thank you so much for your kind assistance.

    Best regards,
    Andy Jor
    Fundive Team
    Mobile : (852) 9301-2890
    Direct Line : (852) 5396-0381