Friday, November 26, 2010

Weddings at Blueroze Farms - Lipa City

Weddings at Blueroze Farms - Lipa City
A year ago I was invited in my friend's wedding held at Blueroze Farms located in Lodlod, Lipa City, Lipa City. Blueroze Farms is one of the most popular venues for wedding receptions and group gatherings in Lipa City.

I was amazed on how they cater and arrange the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding reception in a garden. Only a bit frustrating when it started to rain but good thing they had another set up, a covered function area, reserved exactly for that purpose.

We had a great time spending with the newly wed couple.

Interested to use Bluroze Farms for your edding, too? Visit Bluroze Farms and see it yourself. There's an Php80.00 entrance fee, but I think that varies on day of visit.

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