Friday, November 19, 2010

Blue Sapphire Hotel Rooms - Lipa City Batangas Philippines

Blue Sapphire Hotel - Lipa Batangas
My boyfriend is in town for a vacation and as part of our 6th monthsary, we went to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate.  After which, we went back to Batangas and spend the night in  one of  The Blue Sapphire Hotel Rooms .

Blue Sapphire Hotel Rooms - Lipa City Batangas Philippines

Blue Sapphire Hotel Rooms are cozy and simple yet a little elegant in style. We opted for a Twin Sharing room which costs about Php1000/night which already includes free breakfast.   You can either chose Traditional Breakfast (Garlic Rice, Pork Tapa, Fried Egg, Dried Biya, Brewed Coffee or Hot Chocolate) or opt for Pinoy Breakfast (Garlic Rice, Daing na Bangus, Red-Egg Tomato Salad, Longganisa, Brewed Coffee or Hot Chocolate).  We had a great time relaxing at the Blue Sapphire Hotel. The twin sharing room has a king size bed, a table, tv with cable, with wifi access, cabinet and comfort room.

Blue Sapphire Hotel Batangas is part of The Blue Sapphire Social Events Corporation.  Aside from the hotel rooms, they also have a Pavilion, Bar and Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Function Hall.  They also offer
Bridal Car Rentals, Catering Services and Cakes and Cupcakes Services.  It is located ar Purok 5, Brgy. Sico, Lipa City, Batangas (in front of Fernando Air Base).  

For booking and or more information about Blue Sapphire Hotel Rooms click here. 

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  1. pede malaman exact address. and pede mag book online?

  2. For Blue Sapphire Hotel Rooms booking:
    Telephone No:(043) 404-1568 | (043) 784-1764

  3. Yung exact address po katapat siya ng Lipa Airbase. So kung galing kayo ng calabarzon, labas kayo ng Tambo Exit, then turn left. Blue Sapphire is at the left side.

    For bookings, pwede din po just email them pero mas okay po kung tatawag kayo kasi pwedeng hindi na kayo magpa reserve once may available at that date. Most of the time naman po may available kasi premium lodging po ito.

  4. Here's the website of Blue Sapphire: