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Reviews: Acuatico Beach Resort - San Juan

My friend Niko is expecting a visitor this coming April. She is planning to bring her visitor to any of the best Batangas Resorts and asked me about Acuatico Beach Resort.

Unfortunately, I've never been to Acuatico Beach Resort. I've heard about the place only last year when a friend invited me to go there but the plan did not materialize. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit the place this year.

Here are some information about Acuatico Beach Resort from its website:

The beach resort derived its name ACUATICO from the Spanish word “water”, signifying its inherent business character and accentuates ACUATICO’s most prominent feature – a 700 sqm. infinity-edge pool that seems to assimilate with the blue waters of the adjacent sea, and distinctly differentiates it from other resorts in the area. The Infinity Pool is complemented by a Jacuzzi, a kiddie pool and a floating bar at the pool’s center.

ACUATICO offers Balinese-inspired villas with well-appointed rooms complete with amenities, an infinity pool, and unique Day Tour areas for tourists and guests who want to relax in elegance and style. It serves the best in food and accommodates guests’ requests - whether the cuisine be local or international – to suit their tastes.

ACUATICO’s corporate philosophy is to provide a high-class deluxe resort under a friendly atmosphere south of Manila and ensure premium leisure experience and complete satisfaction to all its guests.

It anchors its activities on exerting its best in meeting the various needs of its clients, rigidly implementing a set of values predicated on excellent service, optimum quality, adaptable flexibility, cohesive teamwork and solid commitment, ever conscious of its highly-motivating slogan – “Happy Guests, Happy Employees and Happy Stockholders.”

Fast gaining popularity, the resort is operated by Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel, Inc. and managed by husband and wife team, the latter having extensive exposure in hotel management and operations. The resort is staffed by fully-trained personnel whose affable and courteous manners immediately put the guest at ease and settle him into a feeling of confidence and comfortability.

ACUATICO Beach Resort is a bona-fide member of the Association of Laiya Resorts Owners (ALRO) and is currently completing the necessary documents for accreditation with the Department of Tourism (DOT).
Acuatico Beach Resort Amenities and Facilities

  • Modern Balinese-design villas with rooms carefully angled to give guests a spectacular view of their choice: the mountain or the sea. Each room is fully furnished.

  • o Deluxe guestroom amenities & toiletries
    o Wall-mounted 32” LCD television with satellite system
    o IPOD docks with Alarm Clocks in selected rooms
    o Air Conditioning System
    o Multi-point water-heating system
    o Telephone system
    o Resort-wide wi-fi internet access

  • An infinity-edge pool, the only facility of its kind in Laiya. With Jacuzzi and a kiddie pool.

  • A floating bar at the center of the pool

  • Day Tour areas with special attractive features

  • A restaurant and dining area affording a panoramic view of the infinity pool.

  • Well-manicured tropical garden
  • Acuatico Beach Resort Accommodation
    Infinity Room (Single/Twin)
    Twin rooms located beside the infinity pool.
    PhP 5,250
    Casa de Playa (Single/Twin)
    Ideal for honeymooners/couples, this Room by the Beach has a small private garden with a view of the beach.
    PhP 7,350
    Family Suite (max 4 persons)
    Has queen-sized bed; connects to a room with twin bed.
    PhP 10,500
    Terraza (max 4 persons)
    This “room with a view deck” has a queen-sized bed and a day bed.
    PhP 12,600
    Estancia (max 6 persons)
    This spacious villa is ideal for families and small groups. It has three rooms, two of which have queen-sized beds while another with twin beds. Estancia features a loft and access to its own view deck.
    PhP 21,000
    Rates inclusive of:
    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast
    • Use of resort and water sport facilities (e.g. kayak)
    • Complimentary bottled water and other deluxe room amenities
    For updated information about Acuatico Beach Resort, visit http://www.acuaticoresort.com.ph

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