Friday, October 9, 2009

Leonor Beach Resort - Lemery

Leonor Beach Resort - Lemery

While other Batangas Beach Resorts are note for the white sand, Leonor Beach Resort on the other hand, is noted for its black sand beach. Leonor Beach Resort is located at Bo. Nonong Casto, Lemery Batangas.

Leonor Beach Resort Accommodation

VILLA LEONOR - 9 Air conditioned rooms (8 persons allowed capacity/room)

ILANG-ILANG - 2 Fan ventilated rooms (4 persons allowed capacity/room)

ROSAL - 2 Fan ventilated rooms

GARDENIA - 2 rooms (2 persons/room)

CASA ROYAL - 3 rooms (6 persons allowed capacity / room)

CASA LEONOR - 2 rooms (8 persons allowed capacity / room)

PAVILION ROOM - 2 rooms (8 persons allowed capacity / room)

CASA DE ROSA - 2 rooms (10 persons allowed capacity / room)

CATLEYA - 4 rooms

Leonor Beach Resort Amenities

Aircon suites

Breezy native cottages

Nipa huts by the shore

Swimming pools


Convenience stores

Spacious parking lots

- Beach volleyball
- Billiards
- Basketball

Entertainment (during summer seasons
- Acoustic performances
- Rock Bands
- OPM performances

Strategic location
- can be reached via Tagaytay or via Lipa
- 5-minute ride from several wet markets
- 5-minute ride from several town propers.
- 5-minute ride from Lemery bus stations

Boating trips to destinations like:
- Ligpo Island
- Anilao (diving site)
- Fortune Island

24-hour security service

Public announcement system

For more information about Leonor Beach Resort, visit


  1. very nice resort! reasonably priced and beautiful volcanic black sand beach! more power!

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  3. Sure, Dexter. Let's exchange links! :-)

  4. Hi,

    May I know how much is the rate? And are there any other links/ways to know more information about this resort? Do they have other website or contact # that I can reach to inquire? Because I can't access the website provided above.

    Appreciate your response. :)

  5. how much is the rate ? may i know please ? thanks !

  6. how much is the rate? REPLY ASAP.