Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hailstorm Hit San Pascual, Bauan and Batangas City

A couple of weeks after World Environment Day celebration, hailstorm and tornado hit several towns in Batangas.

A hailstorm was reported to have hit parts of Batangas province Tuesday afternoon as Tropical Storm “Feria” (international codename Nangka) lashed Visayas and pushed northwards toward Luzon.

Areas in the towns of San Pascual, Bauan and Batangas City said ice cube-like objects fell in the middle of a heavy downpour and strong winds

There was no storm warning signal raised yet in the province during the period but the uprooted trees and rooftops seemed to show that one just passed by. Fallen trees were seen on the roads, one of them reportedly even hit a teenage boy in the head along with other bystanders.

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  1. yelo lang yan na tinapon ng kapitbahay. di naman pwdeng cube ang hailstorms bcoz of gravity, so its either droplets or matulis na yelo

  2. ang engot naman ni anonymous ^

    yung "ice cube like objects" are the leftover fragments of the hail. Hindi siya droplet shaped/matulis.. anu yun, icicle? Baka ball- like :)) funny you.

  3. I am from bauan and yes its true...pra ngang binabato ang bubong ng bahay namen dahil sa mga yelo...inggit lng si anonymous kasi ndi nya na experience ung ngyari...but parang delubyo tlga...