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Balai Resort (Anilao) - Mabibni

Balai Resort - Anilao, Mabibni

Built like a house by the sea, Balai is perched atop a rocky slope in San Teodoro Mabini, Batangas. Its location is ideal for scuba diving.

Balai Resort (Anilao) Accommodations

All of Balai's rooms offer sweeping views of the sea. Ghost Trees frame the view from each of the decks of the nipa and bamboo cottages.

Guests have a choice of fan rooms and air conditioned rooms. Most rooms can accommodate up to three guests comfortably while rooms are available that can accommodate larger groups of guests.

Balai Resort (Anilao) Activities

- SCUBA Diving
- Snorkeling
- Board Games and Book Shelf
- Boat Tours/ Sombrero Island Picnics (by special arrangement)
- Eco/ Educational Tours (by special arrangement)

How to get there

1. Head for Lipa City on the Southern Luzon Expressway. EXIT 50A.

2. You will pass by Carmel Ray Industrial Park, Yazaki-Torres, and Yakult; after the
First Philippine Industrial Park is the entrance of the Star Toll Way (right across the
entrance is the Light and Industry Park III). Turn right to Star Toll Way, this highway
will take you to Lipa.

3. You will take Tambo exit; you will see a sign that says “Batangas City”. The sign
points to the other side. You will have to cross over the other side, over the center
island. When you get out, turn right and you are now headed towards Batangas City.

4. After passing San Fernando Airbase, you will come upon an intersection that says
Alitagtag, Cuenca. Turn right. Mt. Maculot would be on your right.

5. After Cuenca Town you will see the “Welcome to Alitagtag” sign. After the sign you
will see a small Caltex Gas Station. Between the main road and the sharp left where
Caltex is another road. Take the middle road (not the sharp left).

6. Follow the mark that leads to Vistamar. You will end up on a fork. In the middle of the
road is the statue of Apolinario Mabini. Take the right road.

7. You are now on your way to Bauan Town. When you see Funeraria Filipina, you are
already in Bauan Town. Turn right on this corner.

8. Approximately 1 kilometer after the turn at Funeraria Filipina, you will pass a bridge.
Turn left right after the bridge. Follow the signs leading to Vistamar.

9. You will see a road on your left. Take this road. This road will bring you too all the
different resorts. If you miss the left turn, you will end up in Anilao Market / Pier - just
make a u-turn. After the turn, the sea should be on your right.

10. Follow this road. You will be passing Vistamar, Anilao Seasport, the barrio of Solo,
Club Occelaris, Pacific Blue, and Orange Resort. When you see Aquatropical Resort
on your right, slow down. You are close to the parking lot. This is where you will
transfer to a jeep or boat for the final leg of your journey.

11. Parking at the resort is limited. It is also on a reservation basis. If you have been
advised that the parking areas are full, heed the instructions and just leave your car
at the designated parking lot.

12. In case a parking space has been allotted to you, you can proceed to the resort and
bypass the parking area. From the Mariko parking area, you will be taking the rough
road to the resort. You will be passing the other resorts like Eagle Point, Arthur’s
Place, Dive Solana, El Pinoy, and Sunview.

13. When you finally crest the last incline, Balai will be on your right. Its walls are rip

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