Sunday, May 24, 2009

12 killed as motor ferry sinks off Verde Island

Twelve people have been confirmed dead when MB Commando 6 (motorized boat) sank at about noon near Verde Island.

As of 3:59 pm, the last count of fatalities was 12, including two young boys and one young girl, seven adult women and adult men, said Palmera. He said one of the dead victims was a Japanese tourist.

He said the victims were identified by rescuers as:

1. Franco P. Eugenio, 3 years old, White Plains, Quezon City;
2. Anton Cruz Eugenio, 2, White Plains, Quezon City;
3. Gregonia C. Pabliko, 58, Sta Cruz, Manila;
4. Albino Pablico, 55, Sta Cruz, Manila;
5. Beta Berdin, 2, Sta Mesa, Manila;
6. Melanie Berdin, 30, Sta Mesa, Manila;
7. Desiree Teodoro, 20, Taytay, Rizal;
8. Joena Perez, 25, Batangas;
9. Yaya Tess, age unknown;
10. Mina Ricci Cads, Binangonan, Rizal;
11. Daisy Eugenio, Quezon City; and
12. Hosotani Shoji, a Japanese tourist.

Palmera said the boat left Batangas City pier for the tourist resort town of Puerto Galera in Mindoro Oriental before the accident.[Source]

Verde Island is located along the bodies of the Verde Island Passage found between the provinces of Batangas and Oriental Mindoro.

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  1. This is s devastating :( i saw this one in tv patrol and i think probe made article about the bermuda tringle version in phil.