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Reviews: Punto Miguel White Beach Resort - Anilao,Mabini

Punto Miguel White Beach Resort - Anilao,Mabini
Punto Miguel is a white beach resort located in Anilao, Mabini Batangas that caters to water sports enthusiasts.

Punto Miguel White Beach Resort Activities and Facilities

  • Jetski

  • Banana Boat

  • Island Tour

  • Marine Sanctuary Tour

  • Diving

  • Open-air pavilion (used as the dining area and seminar/conference facility)

  • Open-air gazebo (bar and restaurant)

  • Punto Miguel White Beach Resort Accommodation
    Cottages - there are five (5) air-conditioned cottages and nine (9) non air-conditioned. Each cottage can accommodate 2-4 persons.

    Villas - There are 3 Villas which can accocmodate 8 to 14 persons. These villas have 2 levels and has its own toilet and shower rooms located inside on the ground level.

    How to get there
    Punto Miguel is situated in Nangkaan, Barangay Locloc, Bauan, Batangas in the Philippines. It is a short boat ride away from Anilao.
    1) Take SLEX (South Luzon Expressway), and exit at the end of the expressway toll gate

    2) Take Exit 50 to Batangas/Lucena, then travel 10.5km (from toll gate)

    3) Turn right to Star Tollway towards Batangas City (42km stretch), and take the Balagtas exit at the end of the tollway

    4) Just go straight towards Bauan/Batangas City Port then travel 2.4km

    5) Upon seeing the flyover intersection, keep right then take the route under the flyover. Turn right towards San Pascual/Bauan then travel 4.7km

    6) Turn left towards Bauan (landmark: Bgy Sta. Teresita arc sign), then travel 1km

    7) Turn right towards Mabini, then travel 9km

    8) Upon reaching a Y intersection, turn right towards Anilao, then travel 1.5km

    9) Turn left towards Bgy. San Jose, then travel .5km and get off at Punto Miguel Boat Transfer Point / Parking Area (another option: You may also just go straight to Anilao Pier Port/Parking Area - near Dept of Tourism Bldg - and get off here)

    10) Take the boat ride to Punto Miguel Beach Resort

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    1. Had a TERRIBLE stay there!
      The electricity was fluctuating the whole night until eventually it was TOTALLY GONE the next morning!Not only that, they also had NO WATER!

      The resort was poorly maintained, the cottages and restrooms (basically the entire resort) were VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING!

      We definitely did not get our money's worth.

    2. its very hard to please people...i dont think thats true because i always go to anilao beach resort....

    3. which is better? anilao's punto miguel or laiya?

    4. how much is the entrance fee per head? we do not plan to stay overnight, how much would be for villas and no aircon cottages? thanks. pls reply asap