Monday, March 30, 2009

Reviews: Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel

Have you been to Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel?

From its official website, this is what they have to say:

Once discovered, never forgotten…” Experience the best of Batangas at Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel. It offers you the total resort experience. Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel has everything you'll ever need for a perfect summer getaway -- from rigorous sports activities to relaxing day spas. Of course, the resort experience will not be complete without your full range of swimming options.
How's your actual experience? Did it meet your expectations? Did you have a bad experience? Or did you enjoy your stay and will recommend Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel?

Share your experience! Post your comments and let us help would-be visitors make the most of their summer at Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful Resort. From Tagaytay, you can proceed on to Nasugbu, then turn left to Lian town and you will reach Matabungkay which is actually a barangay/village.
    There are numerous small resorts and cottages along the way, but if you want comfort and professional service, you will go farther to reach Matabungkay Resort.
    It has a main hotel, and secluded villas. Very tranquil and peaceful.